Our partners are some of the most innovative companies in their field. Together we can make your vision come true.

Property branding from start to finish.

Our partners and neighbours, JKAB Arkitekter, is an architect firm that stand out from the crowd.

Together with JKAB we can take on projects with a holistic approach to architecture and branding to create a brand and unique storytelling about a house, before it’s even completed. This way, you get a head start in the competition for tenants. Property branding is based on analyzing and understanding the intended target groups, developing unique concepts, interior and tailor made architecture, and combining this with branding, communication and an effective marketing plan.

Read more about how our partnership is making history.

Strategic partnership for accelerated growth.

We collaborate with IXX, a business developing IT partner.

Through our unique partnership, we can help you combine IT with market communication that will take your strategy implementation to the next level. This helps you to reach your objectives quicker and realise more of your potential.

A business strategy is only as good as its communication. To successfully realise your strategy and reach your objectives, you need to transform the strategy into strong communication that supports your strategic intentions. And to increase your possibilities to succeed you also need IT functionality that optimally supports your business’ processes throughout.

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