Creative communication including strategy and concept development, branding, campaigning, CSR-communication


HIF is one of our region’s most well-known brands. It deeply engages thousands and thousands of people. After a couple of inconsistent seasons, the club is being built for a new age. A new era. Olympia is being turned into a top modern stadium, and manager Henrik Larsson is re-shaping the team without gambling with the club’s economy. Meanwhile, the club’s responsibility towards society continues through many CSR initiatives as well as the mission to help youngsters realise their footballing dreams.



Today, live football is extremely exposed to competition. There’s games easily available on the web, on telly and in the pub. To win the competition, stadiums need to offer a comfort level that satisfies people’s modern demands on comfort and experiences. Except this, the demand for experiences means that football also compete with other experiences, consumers’ attention, economy and spare time. A new Olympia meets modern demands. But something else is needed to truly win the supporters’ engagement.


Social loafing is a term in sports psychology and means that someone hands over their individual responsibility to the group – or more exact, to “someone”. This phenomenon is normally seen when teams get a player sent off. The team with numerous advantage starts to loaf, while the team that is outnumbered begins to compensate for the missing player in terms of work load. In our region, every HIF-supporter is a part of the team. The support helps the team go on. And everybody counts. What would happen if Tomer Chencinski didn’t show up? HIF isn’t a team with superior quality. Therefore, the club’s success depend on everyone involved doing the job fully.



Thorough seasonal concepts are developed. The concepts can be dramatised in all media channels and are based on variable angles to bring continuous renewal. But the similarities are that the messages should engage in some patriotic way, allude the supporter’s individual contribution, and of course, present the benefits of watching HIF’s games at Olympia rather than at home or in the pub. Also, the club’s core values are a vital part of the creative solution.  


Increased comfort, availability and safety was added to the buildings surroundings. In the long-term plan, other service increasing units are included, such as a bistro and a gym.


Continuously, conceptual adverts run in print media, focusing on upcoming games. Here you also find specific social responsibility adverts and so on.


A complete redesign of the club’s website was done. The old one has played out it’s role. It didn’t match the values or desired image of the club, and wasn’t user-friendly nor optimal for driving ticket sales.


Films, with storyboards based on the radio manuscript was created for each season.


Digital banner-ads was created for specific media channels where many in the target audience is at, such as and


Marketing activities on and around the stadium is a natural part of the media mix for someone with a whole stadium, with thousands of visitors, as market place. Here the club can push messages out in a highly cost effective manner.