Creative business development including strategic place marketing, concept development, re-positioning, branding, campaigns, social media strategy and pr 


Kavalleristen in Helsingborg is a property with strong traditions. The property, which is owned and managed by Castellum, is located along the highway at the city’s eastern gate. Inside this city landmark, you find lots of remaining details from the buildings heritage as a cavalry regiment.



Kavalleristen had played its role and the general perception of the buildings was that it was outdated and old fashioned. The sum of all this was high rate of vacancy and unsatisfying profitability. Consequently, the challenge was to create new architectural possibilities for businesses to thrive and prosper, and to change the market’s perception of the building by re-positioning Kavalleristen.


To improve the brand image we would need architectural transformation as well as long-term place branding and marketing. A collaboration between Castellum, JKAB Arkitekter and Thorn Creative Agency took form.


The goal was bold: reach full occupancy by the year-end 2016/2017.


Customised offices

With a unique sense for creating great office environments and innovative architecture, Castellum has customised offices that meet business’ unique profiles and need for offices that increase creativity, comfort and profitability.


Increased reputation and increased interest led to an occupancy rate that exceeded 80 %. And before the summer, discussions were undergoing with a company for the last 20 %, with several other companies, with an interested for moving in, in line. And this was seven months before the set target.


A long-term plan for place marketing was created. The platform and the concept ”Sjukt bra lokalsinne” was developed. The message’s purpose is to dramatise the property owner’s sense of ”lokalsinne”.

New identity

We created a more relevant and modern profile which has successfully contributed to the re-positioning of the property. The new identity signals transformation, dynamics and creativity.


Increased comfort, availability and safety was added to the buildings surroundings. In the long-term plan, other service increasing units are included, such as a bistro and a gym.


First out was a teaser movie, like a trailer, before launching the campaign – with the cryptic message ”A new day has come” (En ny dag är kommen).


The most important and cost-effective channel is the property’s website. We created a user-friendly website that communicate the new identity and the offering was packaged in accordance with the communication concept.



The first company to move in to the new property was Flygstolen, a web based travel agency. Flygstolen was an important component of the argumentation on an early stage. A reference movie with the new tenants – including Flygstolen – was recorded to support the thesis ”Sjukt bra lokalsinne”.


In strategically chosen medias was brand image advertisements ran in strategically selected channels.


Lifts in the house have been foiled and flags with the new logo decorate the flagpoles. Even the entrance was pimped with banners that displayed the ongoing transformation.


An extensive advertising campaign was launched and ran for a few weeks. We knew that the target group mainly worked in the city centre. Therefore they found themselves quite naturally in everyday problems, such as traffic jams when they received our message and new promise.


A part of the campaign was the radio commercial, which in a humorous way, dramatised our message.


By putting motion picture on the radio commercial, we created further possibilities for viral spread in social medias.


PR was included in the strategy. For example, an article was written for Nöjesnytt, and activities were carried out on social media.