Creative business development including strategy and holistic concept development, re-positioning, re-branding, employer branding, pr and investor relations


Lindab is an international Group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate. Lindab had developed a new business strategy after analysing the company’s possibilities as well as future trends and global patterns that have an impact on their business. Lindab possess leading know-how and are one of the best at improving their systems’ energy-efficiency, and one crucial possibility was the new European environmental standards set for 2020. Furthermore, the growing demands for simplicity was a business possibility for Lindab by combining their products and systems with consultation and leading knowledge.



An important part of their new strategy was to transform the perception of the company – from a classic manufacturer to an innovative company that provides complete, energy-efficient solutions that simplify the construction of sustainable buildings. As Lindab began to implement their new strategy, with a vision to create ultimate comfort, they needed a re-packaging of their corporate communication that would contribute to the long term re-positioning of the company.


Surveys show that companies who take social responsibility, behave well and contribute to doing good for humanity as whole, are preferred in the competition with other companies with similar offers. And in the essence of Lindab, they are very committed to ”do good”. Historically the company has a core thinking of improving things, a passion to simplify and do things better – for both customers and society. But they hadn’t defined their brand purpose yet, they did not communicate the reason why they even exist.



To re-position the brand as an energy-efficient solution provider for sustainable construction, we helped Lindab define their purpose and theory of the firm, and created a holistic communication concept called ”Good Thinking”.

Communication platform

A new long-term corporate communication platform was developed, in line with the new business and communication strategy.

Corporate brand image film

A film was created to manifest the transformation. Here, the whole idea was to communicate the heart and soul of Lindab, the brand ideal. The production is an important, strategic advert for the company’s re-positioning and the strengthening of the brand image.

Corporate strategy film

A behind-the-scenes-production was created with the ambition to communicate Lindabs new strategy on a down-to-earth, more personal and educational manner. The film had two purposes: internal communication and external communication. First of all as a tool for internal implementation, to show how the concept is a natural part of Lindabs core values and in line with, and also explaining, the new strategy. Secondly, to give Lindabs different stakeholders a greater insight and understanding of Lindab and its strategy.


Concept and image advertisements run regularly in relevant media channels.


A line of different posters were created for Lindab’s different facilities.

Corporate brochure

To really explain the strategy, the global challenges and Lindab’s role in solving them, a comprehensive corporate brochure was developed. This was another important strategic channel for getting the new message and visual expression across.

Employer branding

Just like consumers, talents search for companies that reflect what they stand for, value and aim for. Communication that raise awareness of who Lindab are is therefore important to attract new talents and leading know-how.

Corporate web content

The concept was implemented on